Rediscovering Photography in the Desert

Photo by Eryn DuChene

By Eryn DuChene

Having never traveled further west than Buffalo, NY, I boarded the plane to Las Vegas not knowing what to expect. The only knowledge I had of this place was from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and the alluring presence most bring up when talking about “Sin City.” It was late when the plane landed, but the view of the city’s lights in a sea of darkness was mesmerizing to me. It was as if someone drew a line and said “That’s It, no more lights beyond this point.” The ride to my girlfriend’s parents’ home was dark so I couldn’t see what I was in store for. It wasn’t until the next day when I finally got to see the landscapes that I had been thinking about in the months leading up to my trip. This trip reminded me of when I first started photography and the excitement I had to get out and shoot whatever I could. As a photographer, one of our first subjects is our hometown. That feeling of excitement to just get out and shoot starts with walking around home. However, that feeling fades quickly and we feel like we just “don’t see any more photographs here.” I think we neglect our own hometowns cause we’ve been there, seen it all, and “think” we’ve photographed it all. But maybe I haven’t. Maybe there’s something there I’ve missed all these years.


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