I See You Everywhere I Go

Photo by Brigita Przybylski

By Brigita Przybylski

I see you everywhere I go

Your face is sculpted in the white clouds

Each shadow and highlight made from the sunlight  

That beats in the sky, your heart a yellow blinding my sight 

And your name is signed in the stars 

Handwriting connected through a constellation 

I close one eye and trace each cursive letter with my finger 

Your initials are etched into the tree bark

At your height, that distance from the ground

I’m wondering how long it’s been there while standing in your footprints  

And your voice echoes in my ears 

Making me think you are near, when I know you are not  

They’re just imagined words my brain creates in your tongue from missing you 

Your scent, I swear I smell it as my nose breathes 

I spin in circles searching for any evidence of your existence  

But I only find an emptiness inside me, where my heart should be 

I see you everywhere I go

Without actually seeing you 

Always a reminder that it’s just me and I’m alone


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