four short poems on love

Photo by Kleigh Balugo

By Cait Thomson


my hummingbird heart

rests on my sleeve

before zipping off again

foolish or brave

fluttering madly either way


what is the point of life

if not to tell someone you love them

every day with every breath

until you are dead in the ground

what is there to do but love


you tell me to get some sleep

i lie and say that i will

but instead i make a green tea

with cinnamon, cloves, and three drops of lemon 


a word doesn’t mean more if you whisper it

or hold it trapped between clenched lips

like any muscle, the heart needs movement

it needs to stretch, to be pulled

a heart locked up will wither

never having known it’s only purpose

so don’t whisper love

scream it to make it real


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