To Spell Words Other Than His Name

Photo by Natasha Kalsi

By Natasha Kalsi

How do I write about 

anything else 

when his face is tattooed 

on the inside of my eyelids? 

After careful thought 

and consideration, 

I have determined that 

it is not possible. 

And you may think 

“Oh silly girl, he’s only one person 

and you have a man who feels like 

Christmas Eve.” You’re right, I do. 

But tell me, how do I begin 

to craft words together 

when my vocabulary consists of 

the four letters in his name? 

How do I stop 

hearing his voice in 

every passerby? 

I’ve tried. 

I’ve tried. 

And I’ve tried again.

Yet his scent still lingers 

on my bare skin. 

What use is this pen 

if it only writes of him? 

I’ve got other things to say, 

believe me I do. 

One day (I can feel it).

One day (I can see it).

One day 

I won’t write about you.


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