I don’t feel like myself anymore

Photo by Molly Zofia

By Molly Zofia

I don’t feel like myself anymore

On the curb side of a dream

Looking back over my shoulder

At the girl I so wanted to be

Glimmering, pure and

Blessed by Venus 

Only disillusioned by my 

Grazed knees on concrete 

Eyes filled with fallen stars

Reflecting faces- so briefly-

Of all the people 

I have lost myself in.

I am a party

That no one wants to

Be seen attending 

“We don’t have to tell 

Anyone about us if

We’re just having fun.” 

Smashed glass on the floor as I leave

Silenced by an

Asphyxiating sadness

Riding home in your car

And trying not to cry

“You know,

I don’t really get

Why you’re being like this.”

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