Drunk on Love

Photo by Kleigh Balugo

By Madison Kleinrock-Andrews

I’ve never been drunk before.

(I know I need a reason. 

My father was an alcoholic.

Is an alcoholic? He’s not dead. Just gone. 

Is that a good enough reason?)

But if I ever did get drunk,

I imagine that it would feel

the way that I did

around you.

My judgment was clouded.

I couldn’t seem to remember promises 

that I had made to myself before. 

I did things that I knew I’d regret

like telling you my true feelings

even though I knew 

that they were better kept a secret,

even though I knew

that they would scare you off. 

Now I am left

alone and hungover. 

I feel nauseous,

and it’s hard to find the energy

to do anything except

lay in bed

and think about you. 

I guess I should have seen this coming.

I guess I did from the beginning,

but you were just so tempting

that I (in)conveniently forgot. 

The only thing that can ease the pain

is what caused it,

but going back for more is not an option.

(I would if I could—

I’m more like my father than I thought.)


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