Bloodline/Just So Pretty

Photo by Sydney Shaffer

By Sydney Shaffer



Cold skin, too stubborn 

to wear our jackets outside 

even on Christmas Day. 

My mustard sweater keeps 

me warm as different types 

of smoke dances around us. 


Fingers stinky from 

the beer spills. 

She responsibly 

orders us iced water. 

Dancing to music that 

dates both of us. 


Chlorine scented hair. 

Red, white, and blue 

frosting smeared across 

our faces. 

She hands me a summer brew & I crack it open. 


We countdown together, 

in a Times Square apartment. Her maroon blouse smells 

of menthol cigarettes & french fries. Confetti on the floor, 

We are up to our ankles in it.

just so pretty 

floral romper with matching shoes, & rain showers over our heads as 

we interlock fingers and run 

through the gritty streets of Manhattan. My grin grows wider with every kiss. I like the way we know it’s okay 

to tell each other everything 

we are feeling the exact moment it happens. We buy the last copies of a book 

as if it was meant just for us. 

I am starting to think of you as the you in all the pretty songs I listen to. 

I’m no good at math but I count down all the days until I get to see your glasses sitting perfectly on 

your face with your smile to match.


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