Home Feels like I’m Frozen in Time

Photo by Brigita Przybylski

By Brigita Przybylski

Home feels like I’m frozen in time

The days all blend into each other 

Like smeared charcoal 

And neighbors stay inside 

The suburban streets barren 

Yet their houses are also empty of  

Life or light

Making me question

If I can freeze time

An hourglass on its side 

The sun keeps rising and falling 

But my childhood bedroom walls

With their white paint 

Starting to yellow and chip away 

Appear smaller 

Or have I just gotten taller? 

Home feels like I’m frozen in time 

It doesn’t feel real or feel like me 

And makes me think 

About all the memories 

My brain stores 

Behind the analog clock 

In need of its batteries replaced 

Hanging and covered in dust on the wall 

Frozen in time 


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