Corner of the Room

Photo by Brigita Przybylski

By Brigita Przybylski

Each night I race to turn off my lamp 

And tuck my head under the covers 

As fast as I can 

Pulling the blankets tight against my body 

Giving up breathing for sanity 

No area of skin must touch the night air

Lest it wants to be vulnerable to what lures out there 

Darkness slowly weighs down the room 

Praying for the moon to quicken its descent 

For your ghostly shadow looms in the corner 

Do my eyes play tricks on me? 

I’ve asked that many times 

How certain can I be 

That you only appear at night 

In that corner of my room? 

It’s just a shadow 

It’s just a shadow 

But I swear I see it’s face, your face 

You hover from across the room 

Holding a scythe behind your back 

Your silence drives me crazy 

My anticipation and worries overload my brain 

What are you waiting for? 

I know you’re there

I know you’re there 

I can feel your deadly stare 

Each night I’m kept awake by the anxiety you create 

Years and years of trembling and waiting 

For the night you finally inch closer and closer

To my corner of the room


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