Imposter Affirmations

Photo by Lianelys Cabrera

By Lianelys Cabrera

So we’re talking about school now? Ahh, where do I begin? 

If you want to criticize a toxic relationship, look at the one you have with school and academia. I basically knew something was wrong the first time I cried because I failed a math quiz in elementary school. Ever since that first incident, many others have happened and will probably continue to happen. Do you ever hold on to academic validation to compensate for lacking skills in other aspects of your life? I do this so often that sometimes I think school is my only personality trait. Let’s add imposter syndrome to the mix because being obsessed with academic validation and having imposter syndrome is a dangerous combination. It means that you work hard to achieve your goals but question your achievements once you meet those goals. Very confusing, but I know I am not the only one. Do I really deserve this position? Am I smart enough to get into this program? I ask myself these types of questions all the time, and it definitely can lead to a dark spiral of self-doubt. So, in light of rebelling against our brains, here are four cliche daily affirmations for those struggling with imposter syndrome:

  1. I am worthy of my achievements.
  2. I deserve the positive things that happen in my life.
  3. I am intelligent and capable.
  4. I am enough.

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  1. Wa all have felt this way in some point, I think it’s a feeling that we must fight against, but first we must accept and understand it, as you well explain here. Nice and beautiful article, thanks


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