May 16, 2015

Photo by Natasha Kalsi

By Natasha Kalsi

The sun was setting softly down by the river;

Spring’s gentle breeze caressed my face.

We were lying in a hammock

bodies intertwined;

my head nestled against your chest

and your arms around my waist.

I recall breathing in the fresh cotton aroma

of your favourite t-shirt 

which sent rippling shivers 

down my spine.

The beautiful kind that

only comes once in a lifetime.

In that moment 

I could feel your electrifying gaze upon me; 

so I turned to face you and

was captivated by how instantly 

I fell for your sea glass eyes

when I’ve always been a sucker for brown.

You had a way of seeing me 

when I didn’t think I wanted to be found. 

The icy barricade I had built 

around my heart melted away

when it saw the summer in your irises. 

I fell in love twice that day.


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