What’s your attachment to life on Earth?

Photo by Natalia Lee

By Natalia Lee

Before I answer this question, I’d like you to think of yours. What’s your attachment to life on Earth?
Some may say it’s their family, their loved ones. Maybe even their possessions or achievements; their past and memories. What is it for you?

For years now, I’ve been walking a path that not too many dare to.

This path is the path of my teachers; the Way of Nature.

This path is the same that leads every connecting road onto One. And I, have come from those many roads. One of these being, Zen Buddhism.

While not getting into the specifics of Zen, Buddhism teaches 4 fundamental lessons that serve as the foundation of all its teachings. These are called the Four Noble Truths.

The first of these Four Noble Truths is Dukkha. To elaborate, Dukkha exists.

Dukkha is a Sanskrit term that translates to suffering; suffering exists.

The Four Noble Truths continue on from this core lesson of Dukkha:

2. Samudaya: Dukkha, or suffering, arises from attachment or desire.

3. Nirodha: The cessation of Dukkha can be attained.

4. Magga: The path to attain this cessation of Dukkha is the Eightfold Path.

Now the Eightfold Path, that’s for another day.

So, why does attachment lead to suffering?
Well, the more you attach yourself to someone, something, or a certain outcome, the more you’re susceptible to becoming down-heartened or even angry, when this someone or thing, ceases to exist from your possession.

For example, you really love ice cream. You love ice cream so much that if you don’t get your daily dose, you fall into whirlpools of depression and angst.

Or, let’s say you really like a girl; the most beautiful girl in the entire world of course. If she doesn’t say yes to you taking her out, your existence shatters into pieces.

The ice cream and girl are representations of where your attachments lie. You’re attached to the sensory experience that the taste of ice cream gives you; you’re attached to the outcome of asking that girl out.

And once these things don’t turn out the way you planned, you end up suffering. Whether it be through sadness, anger, regret, or anything else.

My point of telling you this is that I’ve been taught by the saints, sages, monks and masters, that attachment leads to suffering.
And if we wish to attain anything higher than this suffering, we must learn this one pivotal lesson before walking any further.

Once we realize that our attachments are the cause of our suffering, we become more aware of our daily actions and the root cause of our unhappiness; we can begin to live a better, more fulfilled life.

So ask me again, what’s my attachment to life on Earth? I want to say, life itself.
I’m attached to this human experience. I’m attached to learning my True Nature again and again. I’m attached to writing this to you. I’m attached to poetry and love and everything that makes my heart spin—I’m attached,
to suffering.

If suffering comes with this existence, send me into the cycles of Samsara again and again but Oh Lord, let me attain you! And be by thy feet! To realize your love and the love for life and life in existence and everything in between—I’m attached,
to You.



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