Old Friend

Photo by Kleigh Balugo

By Alex Zavala

Hey there, old friend,

remember when you fought for our future

when I thought I wanted it all to end?

Back then, life couldn’t be any smoother

You see, old friend,

we followed our own lone paths,

but when our friendship met its bookend,

I wasn’t there to see the aftermath

While my words run in circles, old friend,

your eyes are always cloudy, raining tears,

salty strands of loose ends

back when our hearts began to veer

I know it’s been hard, old friend,

but look at how great you’ve been—

no possibility left unpenned,

never asking if and only asking when

I, too, found grounds to forge forward on, old friend,

and even though I walk without looking back,

I know bliss is just beyond the bend

with truths you taught tucked in my knapsack

Please know, old friend,

that no one could replace you

as every ounce of light you defend

brightens the road I now trek through 

I guess what I’m trying to say, old friend

is life without our bond has only just begun,

but I would fight to the bitter end

to impart that because of you, I’ve won


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