they never told me i’d meet You

Photo by Natalia Lee

By Natalia Lee

they told me it would be hard

this i understood and now that i’m here i couldn’t agree more–i learned

to not grow up too fast because i’d regret it in the future but the now is the NOW and i’m more childlike than ever-what they didn’t say is that I would cry—

because maybe i had no choice.

i left because i had to and if i didn’t nothing would happen not like anythings happening now was i wrong-did i grow up too soon?i cried—
because my inner child is alive and she wants to go home and i keep reminding her we never really had one the only thing we’ll ever know is—


and the darkness we once were but oh, the light. and how we were that too.

and everything in between and more than words could explain, my love—

we were always home. before we came in to being and when you know we’ll go back so please don’t cry because we’re the same as we once were;

except now we have responsibilities

a bit bigger than we’ve had before..

and though sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever set food on the table while your setting food on their tables and imagining for something bigger—it’s ok..;

because you can understand the world. and the more that it turns the more your eyes can see not only what is seen but the thing that lies between, it’s–


and it doesn’t matter how hard it gets.

this, i always understood.

maybe that’s how I got this far.


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