Driving Thoughts

Photo by Alex Zavala

By Alex Zavala

being stuck at the red light until the end of time is better than you think

because you’re stuck in what happens before life begins, an uneventful brink

dressed in your favorite clothes before the never-ending sweat stains,

your anxious thoughts can’t leave the car and will never take the reigns

tires cemented in the street means no more school,

no disappointing the teachers that believed in you when all you knew was how to drown in a pool

working 9 to 5 is no longer a prison,

FM radio ads exist to entertain your stupid decisions

hell, it beats driving your car straight off the cliff,

because, after the wreckage, you don’t know if want your body to move or remain eternally stiff

the drivers behind you can honk all they want

because some stoplight beyond you is to blame, you remain nonchalant

but, alas, the intersection will clear as the light eventually turns green,

the life around you can’t cease like the details of some obnoxious pipe dream


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