Photo by Ian Watson

By Ian Watson

For when I have no hope for the future and cannot romanticize the present, I look to the past –

Wearing rose colored glasses, I stare through the mirror that beholds all of the events of my life

I look at the faces of all of the people that I have crossed paths with and feel a rush of emotions

An escape from the monotony and mundane

I reflect

I smile as my memories fill my chest with warmth

Oh how I have missed this, how I have missed you all

I have accomplished nothing remarkable, I am sorry to report

But nonetheless, I hope you are all happy to see me

It hasn’t been too long, I know

We seem to meet quite often these days, and I am very sorry for bothering you, I just needed something to get me through the day

I lose sleep thinking about you all, wishing I still saw some of you outside of the confines of my mind – 

It is okay though, for I can always, for I will always, visit!

Don’t feel a detriment, please

You all are not at all the issue!

I tied the rope myself, it is on me

Though I yearn for one of you to untie it, I know that lies on my shoulders

I spend my days doing a lot of thinking

Thinking about my current state

Caught between the past and future

Perpetually jumping on the trampoline of purgatory

Simultaneously stuck and mobile

I think of you all

I think of you

And I smile

And I feel okay


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