Carved From The Same Stone

Photo by Kleigh Balugo

By Vlada Stark

The spring’s sunlight is tender

like a lover’s affectionate touch.

A couple sits on the fresh field 

red checkered cloth beneath them 

picnicking on a forgotten dessert.

Rosy cheeks. 

Faint giggles. 

Stolen kisses. 

They’re new to love’s embrace. 

Still infatuated by lavish cliches.

Their hearts will race for a while. 

One another’s rare lock and key. 

His harsh experienced edges

complementing her naive curves. 

They’re carved from the same stone. 

It’s still winter here in the shadows.

A lonely frigid breeze only exists 

on the park bench I’m waiting on.

Lately, I’ve begun to wonder

if my empty hand was carved alone.


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