What A Soulmate Is

Photo by Janetsa Keovorabouth

By Janetsa Keovorabouth


have you ever wondered what a perfect day feels like? 

one whole perfect day. where there was no grey colors, no tinges of guilt or hurt residing inside of you. just… a perfect day. 

i never knew what a perfect day was like until i met you.

i always used to be jealous of people whenever they were in a relationship, because they had… someone. they had someone who was there. someone who was there no matter the time, the day, the weather. in a drought or in a endless downpour… they were… there. 

at first that’s what i thought what a soulmate was. someone who was there. who had your back, someone to hold your hand just to feel your skin, someone who smiles just because you smiled. someone who made you… happy. 

whenever i think of the word “soulmate” i just think about the old greek myth. how the ancient greeks said that at the beginning of time, when humans were first created, they  were both two. they had four arms, four legs, and a single head with two phases. fearing their power, zeus split them into two seperate parts, condeming them to spend their lives in search of their other halves

after seeing that with practically everyone i knew, i asked myself, why didnt i have a soulmate? why didn’t i have… a person? 

now ive had my fair share of wondering if this specific person was my soulmate. ive had my fair share of heartbreak from life in general. seeing people come and go, imprinting a mark on my heart that will never fade away. every time i’ve had my heart broken i thought that love wasn’t real and that i’ll just continue on having grey days and nights. 

then i realized that a soulmate didnt have to be someone who had to hold your hand or touch your skin or kiss you so that you feel a thousand butterflies in your chest. 

i realized that a soulmate… can be multiple people. they are just the other half of you, isn’t it? that’s what the old greek myth said? 

someone who makes you feel full? 

when you know your soulmate is your soulmate, you can finally see the world in color like a beautiful canvas with all the colors in one. 

that being said i realized that my soulmate was not just one person. the person that you see me with everyday, talking until the dead of night, but every person that i’ve ever met had left an imprint on my heart that i’ll never forget. 

my soulmates have been multiple people in my life. people who’ve helped me feel full. people who brought color into my life. 

there was no more winter that followed me anymore, because they brought me spring.

their friendship has brought various amount of color into my life, everything we’ve ever lived through together is like an amazing array of distorted colors into my world that will never make my eyes tired. i hope i didn’t take any of it for granted.

and after all this time i’ve finally discovered what a perfect day was like. because everytime i’m with them, feels i’m always having a perfect day.

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