Easier Said Than Done

Photo by Kleigh Balugo

By Ash Fuentes

Over the last year or so, trying to find the motivation to do anything has become increasingly difficult. Trying to enjoy myself while social distancing and having online everything feels pointless each passing hour. My eyesight is fading after staring at multiple different screens for hours on end every single day. Most days I daydream of traveling and studying abroad, craving change since I’m so tired of being online. Sometimes writing isn’t even fun when I feel there’s no point in sharing what I think about things like fashion because my interests and priorities feel superficial amongst all the headlines to the other contributors’ meaningful pieces. Yet, in times of turmoil, I suppose the little fun things we enjoy so much are needed now more than ever to keep us awake and reemphasize the gratitude that we should feel for living another year, even if we feel like we’re washing away.

COVID won’t magically evaporate once we pass the one year mark in March and the new year only added to the number of positive cases because of NYE celebrations. With that being said, the least we can do is make ourselves feel a bit better by dressing up in the comfort of our homes. Clearly, nobody should be having any events where people are packed together like sardines, ignoring social distancing, and passing corona butter kisses, but an outfit doesn’t always need a party to be worn.

Every passing year comes with resolutions. Making goals to improve yourself never hurts (until you realize you can’t accomplish them, I guess). For example, wanting to change your style is a great place to start with self-improvement. Not because having an expensive outfit or caring only about looks will make you a better person, but because outfits can change your attitude. Different outfits can make you feel like you’re strutting down the street like black-suit Peter Parker in Spider-Man 3 (2007) or wish that you were flirting with a young Paul Rudd in Clueless (1995).

 In order to get to the style you want and actually achieve the appearance you long for, you may have to go out of your comfort zone and explore constantly changing trends. The clothes you wear and the way you hold yourself go hand in hand. Clothing can’t be wrong if you intend it to be all about you. What do you like and dislike in clothing items? Dressing for your body type, personality, and tastes are all important, but don’t be afraid to try new things to get to looks you’ll love.

Yes, it’s helpful to save cute outfits on your Pinterest boards, but don’t settle for simply admiring through a picture! It’s the perfect time to take control and dress the way you want to without being judged for it. Who cares if you are just dressing up to go to your living room? Personally, I believe staying in pajamas or loungewear all day sets up a lazy day. You will feel much more productive if you dress like you are going to get things done. Just because people only see your chest and above on a Zoom call doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get ready for it. If you want to feel good, dress up!

Being home all the time allows you to try outfits that you always wished you could pull off but never had the guts to wear out. You’ll be able to try your clothes on and see for yourself which pieces you actually like to wear versus which you know you’ll never end up wearing. Your clothes add to your personality and affect your mood throughout the day. You’ll feel so much better once you truly start dressing for yourself which becomes clear when you’re one of the only people who are privileged enough to get to see your outfit. Who knows how much longer we will have to stay home? Don’t keep waiting for opportunities to go out and just wear the fun, bright colors you’ve been afraid to try or the loud anime merch you’ve always felt too shy to wear to school already. Bring out the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure t-shirt! I know you want to… 

As I write this, thoughts about my messy room where clothes litter my bed to the point of it being unfit for sleeping and absolutely must be kept out of the camera frame during my virtual class meetings creep into my mind. A painful reminder… maybe I constantly change clothes until I’m comfortable and satisfied with the outcome, thus resulting in the monster pile of baggy pants and chunky sweaters that have eaten up at least two-thirds of my bed. Despite the stress of the mess, at least I’m always happy when I have a good outfit. Even at work, where the dress code can be restrictive about self-expression in terms of clothing for the sake of professionalism, I am warm, comfortable, and most importantly, looking good, baby!
Even if fashion does not feel important to you, just remember that in addition to being wearable art, it is a significant part of your self-care. Prioritize making yourself feel put together even if you aren’t really. It’s okay to care.


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