Traditions Past

Photo by Athena Rajnai

By Athena Rajnai

Tradition is a beautiful thing, especially when it involves the people that you love. In these 3 poems, I tried my best to outline the phases of creating traditions alongside someone, having those traditions tarnished and broken, and the eventual healing process of it all. I’ve not had the best experiences with romance during the holiday season in times past, so this set of poems is especially sentimental to me. I guess this is my way of telling myself that it’s okay to not be in any sort of relationship during the holidays, and to instead use this time to focus on the benefits of alone time, and the self reflection, love, and acceptance that comes with it.

 if it were only 
 you and i 
 aside from all the earthly 
 delights that distract us 
 from our parallel view 
 one thousand years 
 would be too short a time 
 to create 
 and relive it 
 over and over 
 the way we so desire 

 i keep calling you back 
 to my heart 
 in an instant 
 the red center of my chest 
 flushed with noxious bile 
 in years past 
 the falling of night was 
 to avoid the darkness 
 it is much too silent
 the murmur of the fireplace 
 calls me to the living room 
 i am temperate 
 on the couch 
 a melody ensues from the radio speaker and i soon realize 
 it is only you 
 i stand up 
 and dance with myself 

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