Confessions Of An Untraditional Capricorn

Photo by Kleigh Balugo

By Kleigh Balugo

I am a Capricorn sun and after reading tons of Seventeen Magazine horoscopes, Costar app notifications, and Instagram infographics, I have learned that I am supposed to be very traditional by nature.

I know a lot of people don’t believe in astrology and think it’s all made up, but I really do believe that the exact moment you were born says something about who you are. Ok, so maybe I can be traditional. 

Young people are always expected to be very nontraditional, almost in a negative way, like how people lived 50 years ago is exactly how we’re supposed to be living now. It’s sort of a stereotype that young people disrupt tradition.

That can be true to an extent, but it’s also on a case by case basis. I have definitely heard young people say they were “born in the wrong generation.”

But, I was also born in the wrong generation, because I really want to see flying cars and I doubt that’ll happen anytime soon.

Straying away from your own traditions can be hard to do. As a toddler until now, I have always moved around and lived in different cities. At first I found this comforting because it allowed me to believe that I had a fresh start and I could become a new person if I wanted to.

But I soon realized it wasn’t as comforting as I imagined it to be. Having to make new friends during my junior year of high school was kind of awful and I realized that mostly everyone stayed friends with people they had always known. I, of course, was not those people.

After a while, I sort of lusted over one of those coming of age movie lives where they lived in the same town my entire life and everyone knew who they were. I bet people in the opposite situation might say they wished they could move around like I did. 

Traditions are somewhat confusing because while I respect ones that have been passed down to me, I also wonder when I get to make my own. I guess young people already have a lot of traditions of their own, but it’s mostly stuff like texting “here” instead of ringing the doorbell.

In a way, being nontraditional is a tradition. 

Every year I feel like I’m doing something new and different from the last. But, maybe that’s just me subconsciously trying to prove to everyone that Capricorns actually can be spontaneous. 

It really does hurt my feelings when I get called boring all the time by those Instagram infographics. 


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